How To Use RBass & Make Your 808s Pop

I’m looking to make this post into a ‘How To Use RBass Guide‘ so if you like the post, please share it. If you’d like to contribute to the guide (you’ll be credited) please contact me using the contact page RBass has to be one of Waves’ most talked about plugins and has been since […]

Music Licensing Course: Get Your Existing Tracks Placed In TV/Film

  Aaron Davidson took my advice and lengthened his music licensing course to 180 days. This gives students more time for improvement, placements and negotiating time with music supervisors and licensing companies. The original 90 day music licensing challenge was good, but a little frustrating because most of the companies took 30-60 days to get […]

Rolling Stones Facts: 58 Instruments Used In 100 Hit Songs (Infographic)

The kind people at Berkelee Music have gone through The Rolling Stones discography diligently listening for instruments outside of drums, guitar and bass and put together this wonderful infographic displaying 58 instruments used within their top 100 hit songs. Please re-share this infographic!

Join My Songwriting Challenge: 1 Song Per Day For 31 Days

One song a day may sound like a lot. It’s a little intimidating at first, but totally achievable with a little discipline and inspiration. Songwriting Challenge Sign Up It generally takes me 1-2 hours to put something together from scratch. Even less (30 minutes) if I’m inspired and or working from templates. This was my […]

Music Licensing Placements: Last 7 Months Of 2014

Here’s another music licensing update for you. As mentioned in previous licensing success updates these placements and payments have come from the results of my efforts throughout the music licensing challenge Before reading this update: Review the music licensing case study, it will give you an understanding of how all of this has progressed over time. […]