Music Licensing Placements: Last 7 Months Of 2014

Here’s another music licensing update for you. As mentioned in previous licensing success updates these placements and payments have come from the results of my efforts throughout the music licensing challenge Before reading this update: Review the music licensing case study, it will give you an understanding of how all of this has progressed over time. […]

Microphone Buyers Guide: Things To know Before Buying A Microphone

Microphones come in many different colors, not visually, but sonically. Think of microphones as audio lenses. There are lenses that are good for wide-angle shots, narrow and there are those that have a vintage feel to them. The same is true with microphones. There are different pick up patterns, colors, and tones, etc. No mic/pattern […]

The Field Recorder Buyer’s Guide

For field recording (sfx for video games and film) you you’ll need a field recorder, headphones, cables, microphones as well as memory cards and batteries. Some recorders can be AC powered, but batteries are a must have when going out in the field. I’ll walk you through what you need to know when looking for […]

Vlogging For Musicians: How To Build Your Fanbase And Find Music Placement Opportunities Using Video

Alright, I’ve gone into great detail about vlogging, video equipment and how to create different types of videos. Now, It’s time to show you how I go about marketing, generating traffic and finding placement opportunities and with my videos And, more importantly, how you can do the same with your own diy videos. Before I […]

How To Edit Your Video Songs And Talking Head Videos Using ScreenFlow

How To Edit Your Video Songs And Talking Head Videos Using ScreenFlow

  I’m going to show you how to edit VideoSongs (music videos) and talking head videos. I’ve decided to combine them in the same post because my process is the same. The plan is to show you this process in different stages. We’ll start off with the simple edits and then move on to the […]