Categorizing Music & MindMapping Ideas

Categorizing Music & MindMapping Ideas

Last year I started sharing my goals on my blog as another way to keep myself accountable. So far it’s helped, with reaching goals as well as fine-tuning them. So I’ve decided to continue on with it.
This won’t be a very long post as I only have 2 goals this month.

1) Start Organizing & Cataloging My Music

1000 songs is a lot to go through and it’s my goal to organize and categorize them all this year, and the best way to get that done is by pacing myself. A little here and there until I get it complete.

I think I can complete 250 tracks a month. Sounds like a lot, but If you break it down it really isn’t. It averages out to around 10 tracks or songs a day. This includes meta tags, description, genre, etc. Whatever I can do to make the licensing process easier → just all-out organization.

This part of the process is data entry, but luckily for me, I made life easier on myself by sticking with a few genres and templates during the creation process. So most things will just need to be reworded rather than completely written from scratch.

 2) Mind Map Content Ideas (For Site)

For those who may be unaware, MindMapping is my main method of organization. There isn’t anything I do that hasn’t been mapped at some point and time.

I have all these ideas about what I want to do with the site and where I want it to go → it’s just one huge brain dump, so now, I have to sit down and create a “step by step” action plan otherwise these ideas will go to waste.

3) Finalize Contracts & Negotiations (Projects)

There were some projects that spilled over in 2014. This happens a lot, especially when you start talking with clients late in the year. The plan is wrap all that up this month and move on.

So far, this week, I’ve collected a few upfront music licensing payments, as negotiated. Still waiting on a couple of emails/Skype chats, just a few loose ends that need to be tied up before moving forward.

For example, → one project I’m working on is a video game and I need a “playable” beta version this way I can see how my sound/music interacts with the game (and gameplay).
Without the “beta” or some video of the gameplay, it’s a little hard to build around the game 🙁

4.) Field Recording

Between the hours of 1 am – 2 am (every morning) I’ll be standing on a popular street corner like a cheap hooker, with a portable field recording setup recording pass bys. These are good times because traffic is very minimal and there are some pretty nice cars that like to race around these times 🙂

If I’m lucky, I’ll get a few recordings of drivers revving their engines and honking their horns while stopped at red lights 🙂
Simple, yet obtainable goals.


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5 thoughts on “Categorizing Music & MindMapping Ideas

  1. Ok got to ask. 10 songs per day. Are these bare bones like drums, 1 sample or melody and a horn or something and thats it? Any examples we can hear that you can bang out 10 x a day? Just wondering if they are simple in the fact that they may not get over complicated and its just a loop with drums type of thing.

    1. Hi Nautty,
      You’re misinterpreting what you’ve read. I’m not talking about making music. I’m talking about the cataloging and organizing it. The data entry stage, the boring part.

  2. Ok my bad LOL….yea I did read it wrong. However though with that said, I am very intrigued at licensing music out. When your sending music to be used for projects what is “standard” 30 secs, a minute or a complete full song with a bridge, breakdown etc.
    Also I have been listening more and more to music on shows and it does seem very simple. Like you stated they want to copy what is already famous. So trap music made simple must or can do well along with basic keyboard melody and a drum track behind it….On your music that was used was it “standard” or more complex. Sorry for so may questions.

  3. Hey man, I dig your blog and ambition. I don’t envy the cataloging part of the process but I like what you are shooting for.

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