Budget Field Recording Equipment: What I Use To Create Sounds For Video Games


Oftentimes, I’m asked what equipment I use for field recording and sound fx. In short, I use a variety of gear, but what I use most is a cheap setup that allows me to be mobile and record anywhere with minimal setup time.
Here’s the low-budget field recording package I use for creating sounds for film and video games.

Tascam DR40 Field Recorder

I chose this recorder because of its features. At the time, I was looking for a step up from the H1 Zoom. I needed a recorder that would allow me to use external microphones and wouldn’t break my pockets.

The DR-40 not only fulfilled that need,  it over-delivered with great recording features, good build, and good audio quality.
I recommend adding shotgun mics to your setup in the future.

Make sure you go with the bundle deal as it’s the same price as the standalone recorder. The bundle offers a lot of accessories as well

  • batteries
  • memory card
  • Stand
  • Charger

You can’t pass up on this deal $199 on amazon

Sony MDR7506 Headphones

I’m not a Sony fan, but they did get something right, these headphones. They’ve been an industry standard for years. I’m sure you’ve seen them in many recording studios you may even have a pair yourself.

I’ve been using this model since 2003. What I like most about them is how crisp the sound is. They’re perfect for this type of work.

Most of the time, you’ll find these for $99, sometimes you can get them for as low as $65 dollars.

Rechargeable Batteries

The DR40 does come with batteries in its package, but you’ll run through those very quickly. Purchase good rechargeable batteries and a battery charger this way you’re never stuck in a recording session.

And, they’re less expensive in the long run. I have 1 battery charger and  21 charged AAs ready to go at all times.
The most affordable charger I’ve come accords is the EBL 808, it holds/charges 8 batteries and it’s under $10, might want to get 2 of these. The pick up some rechargeable batteries and you’re in business.

So, that’s a basic field recording setup with plenty of room for expansion which I will get into in a later post. Even if you never expand, it’s enough to get you in the field and record audio quality enough to make money from.

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