5 Tips on Branding Yourself [Your Music]

In today’s world, having good music and a unique sound just isn’t enough. Technology allows us to learn and produce things at ridiculous speeds. Skills that took audio professionals 10-15 years to learn can now be learned in a few hours to weeks. Music theory is no longer needed and having the ability to sing is moot, you make a hit record without that! (thank you technology).
Seriously, the moment someone hears your sound they can instantly mock it (down to the T) if they understand their software tools. So, how do you stand out from the rest? What’s going to make a fan follow and support you vs the others?

Listed below (in no order) are 5 tips that will help you build your brand

1). Your Domain Name – Whatever brand name you chose for yourself/band make sure you own the DOT COM. If you bands name is Twisted Fidgets, then you need to go out and purchase TwistedFidgets.com! I’ve known people to go with a .info or a .net, and trust me there is nothing wrong with those domain extensions (despite rumors), it’s just the .COM looks more legit and professional.
If I’m surfing the net for a composer or bass player and i run into “xyz.com and xyz.net” which one do you think I’m going to click on 1st? No stupid, the .COM of course! So, if you can, always get the DOT COM.
2). Graphic/Logo Design – One huge mistake (IMO) is lack of professional design. I personally believe that you need a high quality logo as well as graphics for your website. People should know who you are based on your branding. They should be able to look at your logo and know exactly who you are.
I can spot a coca cola can from a mile away, I don’t even need to read the wording. Having low quality images on your website can say a lot or not enough about you, depending on the viewers perspective, and in a world where 1st impressions are everything you don’t want to leave room for error.
I know hiring a graphic designer can be expensive, but it’s worth it. I’m sure you have a friend or friend of a friend who knows little Johnny down the street who just happens to be a photoshop whiz. People know people, get creative and barter your services for what you need if you can’t do it yourself.
3). Professional Photography – Having a few photographs of yourself (more than a few) is very beneficial to have. You’ll be using your photographs for your website, social media networks, press releases and countless other things.
Try to take photos wherever you are especially in places such as: Recording Studios, restaurants, big events etc. This will be even easier to do if you have you own dslr camera, they are very cheap these days, same with lenses (well some of them).
4). Flood The Market – What does this mean? I mean literally be everywhere you can be (online and or offline). Create as many social media accounts as you can handle. You can use just one or 2, but I find it best to have the following: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, instagram etc.
If there’s a social media platform out there you want to to be there exposing your brand. I don’t believe in that Field Of Dreams mess, you have to market yourself, you have to put yourself out there or no one will know that you exist.
I’ve had someone tell me that this was too much work. How in the **** is sitting on you butt and socializing hard work? No seriously how is this hard? Don’t be lazy get out there and build… BUILD!
5). Color Scheme Consistency – Meaning if you use a certain set of colors for your logo and or website design then you’re going to want to use that same design/color scheme for the rest of your social media accounts.
I suggest you use the same profile picture and background design for all of your social media accounts as well. It builds familiarity and it allows people to connect with you a lot easier.
I hope this post helps many of you, please comment if you have any questions or even share some of your own branding methods.

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