Music Quality vs Music Quantity

Music Quality vs Music Quantity

So what’s you’re take on this debate? What’s more important to you and what side of the fence do you stand on? I lean a little more toward the ‘quantity’ side of things because I believe in having more.
Short deadlines wont always allow you to put forth your best work so you’ll have to find a happy median somewhere or pass on the project. I can’t sit at my workstation working on the same track for weeks… Doesn’t work for me.
And also quantity doesn’t always mean lesser quality


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2 thoughts on “Music Quality vs Music Quantity

  1. I think the best is to have both without compromise. How to do that? It’s done by having a team with everybody focusing on quality work of the part for that particular project and so the work gets done faster because more people are working at the same time but the quality is still high since everyone focuses on quality. The only challenge there becomes management and direction to be sure that all the different parts fit together. It also works if you have a team of producers each working on quality beats, the more producers working at the same time, the more beats rolled out at once! If you want to do it all by yourself it’s hard to run a business but it’s good to have the mentality of running your own business before you expect others to work with you.

  2. Quality wins but Quantity rules.
    No one cares about the quality of their bank when they have no money in their account. Make more songs to make more money.

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