Music Licensing Challenge: How Many Placements Will I Get In 90 Days?

This Music Licensing Case Study is full of tips and gems!

I ‘still’ use them in 2021 to get music licensing placements

Music LicensingI participated in Aaron Davison’s 90 Day Music Licensing Challenge” Jan/2013

This is a case study in which I document my every move throughout the length of the course. You’ll see everything from the gear and music applications I use, down to my work ethics (everything!).

Just one guy, a simple music production setup, and a licensing course.

– No mastering engineers, no sessions players …None of that

My goal here is not only to educate but to inspire those who are either in or thinking of getting into music licensing and the only way to do this is by being transparent, not just with success, but with mistakes and failure as well.



Music Licensing Challenge Video Transcription

Hey guys, This is Greg from Diy Music Biz and I just wanted to tell you about the case study I’ll be doing on a music licensing course made by Aaron Davidson called ‘The 90 Day Music Licensing Challenge’.

What Aaron does in the 90 Day Challenge is take somebody from ground zero, someone with no experience or very little experience with music licensing and helps them get their music licensed.

Sync Licensing Case Study

So, I think doing a case study on this will be good, because, people who are new often get frustrated and I think it would be good to show them how a real person goes about putting forth his methods into action. How they take frustration how,  success, what they’re doing on a day-to-day, how they’re actually abiding by the plan and the workflow and I also think it’d be really good inspiration.

Another good thing would be to give Aaron a really good testimonial for his product. I don’t think there are many people doing case studies on music training/music business products, so I’d like to be the 1st one.

I’m going to have to step outside of my comfort zone and set aside my biases, I know we have two different workflows, so it will be a learning experience for sure. Now I primarily stick to instrumentals and I know Aaron does a mix of instruments and vocals. He also runs his own pitch company and has a publisher.

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