Music Business Goals: October 2013

Music Business Goals: October 2013

Here’s are my goals for October 2013. I really enjoy adding these updates. I recently ran the analytics on these posts and right now there aren’t many views, but I’m sure that will change as I continue to add more updates.
It’s more like a revised “to do list” if you think about it. I Mind Map everything: Goals, plans and ideas etc. Sharing these goals is just another way to stay focused and on top of things… Keep them burned in the mind.

Still Working With Logic X Pro

I’m still working with Logic, falling in love with it more and more. I’ve been thinking about swapping out some plugins. Notice I sad “swap” and not “add”, so I’m sticking to my word, keeping myself inline by keeping it thin when it comes to the plugins. Templates are coming along, still a little bit of work to do in that area, but coming along.

Project Blueprint For Beginning Of The Year

I need to set myself up for the beginning of the year. This generally consists of me running through my list of connections. I landed a pretty nice gig mid last month, one that will allow me to pretty much do whatever I want sound wise.
It’s going to take a month or so to get up to speed with the workflow, but it’ll be worth it. I’ll ask what I can and can not share on my blog as there was a pretty strict NDA. Probably one of the most strict I’ve signed.

Create Create CREATE

I’m getting really close to that 1000 track goal I set at the beginning of the year. It was a huge new years resolution for me and one that I was a little reluctant to do, but hey I’m doing it. I felt there was 1 of 2 things that would happen,
1) I’d hit the goal and have lots of material to send off and build from or
2) I’d fail and still have a good number of tracks on hand. Still a win win in my eyes.
Right now I’m sitting on exactly 788 music cues. If I keep going at the rate I’m going I’ll have a total of 1,064. I’m excited about this because I can crush the goal or I can pull off a little and spend time doing other things.
I can’t predict the future, hopefully things don’t get out of control, but if they do, I’ll have a  little wiggle room.
Let’s talk about my huge stressor of last month (the sound design projects)
Oh man, I was so stressed about these projects, but I was able to pull through. 1 project’s deadline was pushed to November which gave me plenty of time for everything else. Clients were really easy to work with, that alone makes the workload easier imo.
A good % of what was needed I already had on my hard drives. There were a few things that needed some tweaking, but that’s nothing compared to starting from scratch and then having to revise later.

Starting A Podcast

I like talking a lot more than I do typing. I’ve always wanted to start a podcast and I think I’m going to move a little closer toward that goal in October. I’m going to have to build a schedule for it as I can see it getting a little out of control with all the stuff I normally have going on.
Anyway, those are goals for October 2013, what do you have going on? What are you shooting for?


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9 thoughts on “Music Business Goals: October 2013

  1. Congratulations man, on the progress in the 1000 track goal!
    Good luck with the rest of the goals.
    My goals for this month are:
    – Finish recording guitar on 4 songs.
    – Working out some workflow quirks so that I can fluently compose with Cubase.
    – Reach out to some new contacts/directions
    – Start the assignments on my course so far.
    Wish me luck,
    All the best,

    1. Hi Eli,
      great goals my friend. I haven’t touched Cubase in ages, what version are you working with?
      Ps- thanks for the kind words

      1. Thanks,
        I started using Cubase with a Lite Edition that came with my guitar pedal, so that’s what I got accustomed to, recently upgraded to Artist 6.5, but curious about the mixer in 7…
        PS when I need a reminder of my goals for this month, I’ll check ’em out here 🙂
        All the best

    1. Hi Ellis,
      I’ve heard about this and totally forgot about it! Thanks for the reminder, I’ll give a run next weekend

  2. Hi Greg,
    I just found your blog from a post you made to a group on another web site and I’m glad I did. Sounds like you’re in the career I’m aiming for. I’m a lifelong musician who focused on performing & “getting my band a contract” through my 20’s. I got off track in my 30’s, cut my hair, took out the piercings and went corporate. At age 42 I was laid off and screwed. 
    Luckily I never stopped writing and recording my music or staying on top on advances in the industry. So in early 2013, after a year of unemployment & searching for work, I realized I had about 200 songs in my personal catalogue and I finally said screw this and signed up for a certificate program with Berklee Online. Best move I ever made, music is my reason for being and many people I’ve met over the years are happy to see me making another go at it.
    I look forward to reading more of your comments & insights. I’m also a Logic guy although I’m still using 9.1.8. Currently taking a Pro Tools class which I never thought would happen (some crap I once said about never selling my soul to Avid…the folly of youth). Take care and best of luck reaching your goals!
    Russell Szabados
    Las Vegas, NV (by way of NYC)

    1. Hi Russell,
      I’m glad you found the blog. Responses like this are the reason I love sharing.
      I’m not a big pro tools fan either, I’ve never had much respect for Avid especially within the last for years, but that’s another story.
      200 songs? That’s a good number to start with that allow would = (hold on… calculating) roughly 500 cues AT LEAST! Berklee Online is great, I know they get a lot of bad buzz online, but hey….you can’t please everyone.
      Thanks for the kind words and let me know what you’d like me to cover on this site.
      – Greg Savage

  3. Hi Again Greg,
    I neglected to answer your blog question in my last post. Please consider it, if you don’t mind, my personal introduction to you and yours. 
    One of my goals for October 2013 was to record & complete at least 5 songs in Logic 9 from my back catalog. I purposely chose to tackle 5 completed, already written (but as yet unrecorded) songs so there wouldn’t be a lot of downtime noodling with sounds & arrangements. It’s now Monday morning October 14th and I’m aiming to complete song no. 3 by the time I call it a day, usually around 6 or 7pm.
    Other than that, I’m planning out a personal web site and assembling audio montages of best snippets of my past recordings so I can use each montage to quickly showcase different styles I’ve written in. And, of course, finishing up my previous Berklee class (Composing for Film & TV) and getting full swing into my current Pro Tools class. I got to get some of these basics set up before I have that foundation to which my future goals can see fruition.
    Take care (again)! 🙂
    Russell Szabados
    Las Vegas, NV (by way of NYC)

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