Music Business Goals: Music Marketing and Licensing Companies


Here’s my business goals for the month. Mostly, music and training.

No More Music Licensing Companies

I’m not kicking them to the curb, but I won’t be submitting any new material for a while. The more connections I make the more I realize, clients want little to do with those involved with retitling-based libraries.

Working with indie projects pays quicker, more frequently and the competition is minimal.
From now on, If I can’t connect with the “yes man or women” screw it. They’re longer worth putting my time into.

Music Licensing How To’s

I’m 90% complete with the “Vlogging For Musicians” was lucky enough to have a few musicians give me their permission to use their videos for training purposes.

I didn’t expect this series to get as much traction as it did. Turns out there were a lot of people on G+ who loved it, those who were music creators, and those who wanted to jump into vlogging.

So I spent a little extra time with the details

Diy Music Biz Redesign

My new logo and animation are both complete. We are currently drafting the new design for the site, I’m excited. The purpose of the redesign is mostly for functionality.

I like themes, but it’s rare that you come across one that does everything you want. and customizing it..pfff sucks when you don’t have the background.

Scouting For Talent

I can’t share to much, but a few opportunities have been placed in front of me that will allow me to push music to big companies. If you’re a member of Diy Music Biz, I’ll keep you updated.

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