Music Business Goals: May 2014 Cues, Meta Data, Branding Etc


Hey everyone, hope all is well. Here are goals for the month of May. Please read them, leave some feedback and let me know what goals you have set for this month. The music licensing challenge, is really paying off now, but more on that in a future update.

Let’s get started

Diy Music Biz Podcast (Is This Ever Coming?)

I don’t know. It’s like…every step I take forward, I take two steps back. I Either run into complications or some project comes in and consumes all my time.

What complications?

There are a few, but the main ones (s) are finding a good host and being up ahead enough episodes to launch.
I want the podcast to be user-driven so without participation (questions) I can’t sustain the podcast. Or at least not the way that I’d like to. It seems like everyone wants the podcast but, nobody wants to ask questions so…… I just don’t understand.

Social Media (Business) Branding

Being a behind-the-scenes type of person I never took branding and image seriously, for myself that is. I never needed to, not once.

Let’s face it, my work consists of sitting in front of a workstation, editing sounds/music cues, and emailing or uploading to clients and platforms – That’s it.

At most I needed a profile image or avatar, mini-bio/description and that’s where it ended.

So Why The Change?

Because I’m scaring people! I’m finding that the pictures I use have a huge impact on how people perceive me. Six months ago I remember a copywriter saying.

“you’re a very outgoing and friendly person but your pictures don’t convey that.”
I didn’t ignore her, I just didn’t take heed… It wasn’t until I was in guitar center looking around when a guy approached me (sort of nervous) and asked “are you Greg Savage?” and I said “yes” thinking, oh great, now that I’ve acknowledged myself you can serve me papers.

Not sure why I thought that.

Anyway, we got into a conversation about gear and music business. Turns out he is a follower here on Diy Music Biz and at the end he goes “man you’re, you’re so easy to talk to” (he was shocked).

The whole time I was thinking “why wouldn’t I be easy to talk to?”. Then I remembered the conversation I had with my copywriter.

So, a change is coming.

Connecting With Professionals

You can never have too many connections in the music business. My goal is to continue positioning myself in places where I have the opportunity to meet other business professionals.

I’d normally go to conventions for this, but they can be rather expensive and there’s a certain amount of randomness I like to avoid.

I don’t like huge crowds, I don’t like collecting handfuls of business cards.

I like talking to small groups, a few people here and there and move on. I like connecting with people that have the ability to give me a direct answer.

And I find that harder to do when you’re at big conventions because everyone is trying to do the same thing.

Studying Music (Composers)

I’m still studying cinematic music and Judy the music supervisor that I’ve been connected with since last year has been nice enough to pass me music cues and different composers to study.
It’s a list of music that’s currently being sought out. This has the potential of being a great opportunity, I’ll keep you informed.

Music & Sound Projects (Gotta Make Living)

I’m currently being tossed a decent amount of projects from the connections I made during the music licensing challenge.
You can read more about that here → Building a client base

Most of the projects I’m looking through are hip-hop and Sound design-based. That should be no surprise as that’s most of the client base I took from music libraries that couldn’t handle the market
So, I played that card very well.

My goal is to narrow down what I want to accept based on what I have time for and how much material I already have on hand. Hopefully, I don’t have to start too much from scratch.

Ps – This is the stuff that keeps me from focusing on the podcast, but then again, it pays the bills.
Those are my goals for the month. If you know of any coders/ website site developers, please let me know.

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