Music Business Goals March 2014: Music Licensing, Meta Data & Sound Design


Hey everyone, here’s my monthly music business goal update. If this is the first time you’ve seen this on my site basically It’s an accountability measure. I share my business goals with the public in hopes of keeping myself motivated, accountable and others inspired.

Every Goal Here Is Sitting In Ā A Mind Map

Organizing Music Cues (Meta Data)

10 tracks a day, metadata has never been my favorite part of the business, but It is getting a little easier. The more you do, the better you become. I’m now looking into software that will make the flow go a little smoother.

If any of you know of good apps for this (paid or free) please let me know.

Company Branding Diy Music Biz (Logo)

I spoke about changing my site’s branding/look. Some of my friends were against the idea, they felt my look was fine, just needed to be fine-tuned. I’m still pushing and fiddling around with the look.

I’ve hired a designer to help refresh the logo a bit and soon I’ll be hiring a coder to help me customize a few lines of code to give my site the look and feel I want. The more I speak with designers, the more motivated I become to make the change.
I will keep my main brand colors intact, this way there’s still a sense of familiarity.

My Podcast

That’s launching this month, I’m in the process of editing and cleaning up episodes. We’re looking to launch on the 25th of March. Closer to the end of March, but still in March šŸ™‚ ā†’ Just before my Bday, I’ll be hitting a milestone… eeee
I still have a couple of small things too. I’m on the fence about hosting it by myself or having a co-host. I’ll have my mind made up soon enough ā†’ clock is ticking.
Sorry, but I have to postpone the launch. Had two unexpecting events pop up that had to be handled ASAP. So, we’re going to shoot for mid-May, hopefully, sooner

Native Instruments Komplete 9

Oh dear, I got my update months ago, but there was an error with the drive, had to send it out for a replacement. A replacement came in and I’ve been afraid to install everything. I’ve been installing everything in sections.
Anyway, I’ll be using Komplete 9 and Logic Pro x for most of my music and sound creation in 2014. Reason 7 will still be in the picture, but for more simple production tasks as mentioned before.

Sound Design & Music Licensing Projects

I’m still working with clients I built relationships with during the 90 Day Challenge. This is really turning into something special because the communication is falling into place.

There was a little hang-up during the first week of February, but that happens sometimes when clients and creators are getting used to one another.

I’ve recently been given the opportunity to help with a few android-based projects which will be fun as I’ve always wanted to get more projects in this area. My knowledge is a bit limited, but I’m told not to worry as I don’t have to do any coding, I just need to deliver the format, that’s going to be cake.

They will allow me access to their coder in case I have questions. This is perfect because it will allow me to question and understand the coding side of things a little more.

Basically pay and a crash course on anything I want coding-related, can’t beat that.
Few other opportunities on the table, but I’ll wait until the contracts are signed before sharing project details.

And Now It’s Your Turn

What do you have planned for this month, what do you hope to accomplish? Please, share your goals with us

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