Music Business: Goals For September 2013

Music Business: Goals For September 2013

Music Business Goals For September 2013Here are my goals for September 2013. As stated last month, this is something I’ll be doing on a monthly basis as I feel it’s a great accountability measure. Goals always look good when you write them down, but when you share them with others, it puts you in a position where you have to be accountable. So, that’s the idea and all, but I think I may have bit off a little more than I can handle

Free Membership Program

I’m still working on it, I know this was on my goal sheet last month, but I just wasn’t able to complete it, sorry about that. I’m having trouble figuring out how I want to deliver it because I want it to be something good and not just slapped together.
Aside from that I ran into new project(s) which you can read about here. With new projects comes paper work, revisions, meetings etc. The membership section will be coming this month you have my word, thanks for being patient.
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Logic Pro X: Still Messing With It

Keep diving into Logic X. My transition has been slow mainly because I’m finding that the templates I had and ‘Propellerheads Reason’ are little hard to convert. Most of the templates I had we’re mixing templates which were based around songs I remade and in order to convert those into logic I basically have to do an entire remix.
Some of the Templates are very easy to bring over, but my goal for this month is just to keep hacking away at it until i get it done.

Meet More Industry Professionals

I stated that I wanted to find two music supervisors for the month of August. I didn’t find 2 music supervisors, but instead, I found two film directors and one music supervisor which I was a perfectly fine with.
I went to guitar center to look at the unit called Push which is made by Ableton and as I was demoing Push a guy came over and mentioned that he worked with someone that used it and was thinking about purchasing.
I was telling him the same thing, I was thinking about purchasing it and one thing led to another. You know when you’re demoing gear and someone sparks a convo and it leads to “oh, well what do you do” turns out he was director and was working on a small documentary.
Well, we spoke for about 30 minutes and his girlfriend came and told him she was ready go. She was also an indie film director. So we all shook hands and plugged each others information into our Smart, intellectual mobile, interweb devices.
The music supervisor I met was a music library owner who emailed me to comment on a video I titled “Music Libraries A Stealing”

Create More Music

As I stated at the beginning of the year, the goal is to submit 1000 music cues to libraries and music supervisors etc. This month I might have to do something a little different. I might have to break routine *GASP*
I have a lot going on this month: projects, daw configuration, updating my website, tutorials, life….
What I fear is being totally consumed by these projects. I don’t know how easy or hard they will be, some will be easier than others I’m sure. I’ve never worked with these clients before and I want to allocate as much time as I can to handle anything that may arise.

  • File corruption
  • Crash
  • Revisions
  • Formatting
  • Glitches
  • etc

When you sign a contract, YOU HAVE TO DELIVER and that’s where my priority is set.
As far as the tracks, I see 3 possible solutions
1) Spend half of the month on cues and the other on the projects. Fewer days …yes. That just means I’ll give myself more time. I normally start working at 11pm, that’ll change to 6pm.
2) Recycle what’s being created for the projects. If they reject a track, well, that’s a new cue. If they accept a track, I’m going to have a version for myself and use it as a cue. If it’s non exclusive agreement, best believe the tracks will be cues. So I can sorta of knock out 2 birds with one stone here.
3) Create ambient cues and soundscapes. I’m hearing a lot of these being used in film and tv. I don’t hear a lot of melodic structure in them so it should be easy.
I’ve already ripped movie scenes to my harddrive 🙂
Sidenote: I might be able to over deliver (in cues) if I combine 1,2 and 3
There’s a lot I want to get done this month, but what I’ve listed are goals which I feel are realistic, so I will stick with them.
Next month I will aim for my podcast. Lots of episodes on deck, just getting weighed down. I may hire someone to do the editing for me.
Anyway, this is going to be a crazy month


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