Music Business: Goals For August 2013

Music Business: Goals For August 2013

Here’s a little experiment I want to try. Each month I’m going to share an outline or blurb on my music business plans.
I feel doing this will not only help keep me accountable and focused, but it’ll also provide some inspiration to the readers of this site (hopefully).

Create 90 Music Cues

3 cues a day, I’ve been doing this consistently since the beginning of the year (roughly). I’m still surprised by the amount of negative emails I’ve receive about my work-flow – At least 10 a day (at least)

Find New Musical Inspiration

I thrive off inspiration. Without it, making 3 tracks a day would be impossible. There’s no way I’d be able to do this consistently without good sources of inspiration.

Meet 2 Music Supervisors

Majority of my placements come from music libraries and while they’re great assets, I find myself growing a little tired of them. I tend get better (more targeted) leads and projects when working directly with music supervisors because they are connected with project.
Director – Music Supervisor – Music library – Music creator(s)
Director – Music Supervisor ← Music creator
Just 1 less layer to go through when working directly with a supervisor.
There are a few I work with on a regular, but I need to reach out and build a bigger network.

Record 500 New Sounds

I made a list of goals to accomplish this year (New Years Resolution) and getting more familiar with my field recording equipment was one of them.
Right now I’m working with the following:Yes, these are affiliate links

To some 500 may sound like a lot, but it’s relatively low. I could easily record 200 sounds of my car within an hour.
Quick example of what could be captured

  • Closing the trunk
  • Opening the truck
  • Closing the hood
  • Opening the hood
  • Revving the engine
  • Tires screeching
  • Car horn
  • Turn signals
  • Gear shifting?
  • Pass bys

This looks like a short list, but there’s many sounds to be capture here, especially if I’m capturing sound from different perspectives.

Release Boom Bap Phonetics 2

I’ve been tossing this project on the back burner long enough. I’ll work on it for a bit, then a project comes long and I totally forget about it until a fan or friend inquires about project.
It’s time to finalize it and move on.

Launch Free Membership Program

I’ve been planning and working on this for a few months. Like the Boom Bap Phonetics project → Became back burner material.
Being overwhelmed doesn’t help either. Lately, I’ve been juggling more projects than I can handle. I love what I do, but sometimes it can be a little much.
Anyway, this program will launch August 2013


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9 thoughts on “Music Business: Goals For August 2013

  1. It’s weird that people give you negative feedback about the amount of work you do. I think it’s motivating, makes me want to push myself harder.

    1. Thanks for your support Tim. It’s probably because I go against the grain. Not a lot people are use to that.

  2. Just read pretty much every post on your blog. *Inspired*
    It baffles me why anyone would go out of there way to give you negative feedback AT ALL, let alone on your workflow. I mean all you have told us is that you are super productive, whats wrong with that!!??
    Anyway dude, this has been an invaluable resource for me, I’ll shoot you up with an e-mail soon and will definitely consider taking the course.
    Alex (from Ireland)

    1. Hi Alex,
      I’m glad you see this site as a resource, that was my plan from the beginning. Music, painting…Just about anything artistic is a touchy subject with a lot of opinions. Thanks for considering my course, but let me do you 1 better. I’ll notify you when the free member portal is ready. I’d rather you go through that 1st then decide if more is needed.
      Followed you back on twitter.
      Have a great day

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