Music Business: Goals For August 2013


Here’s a little experiment I want to try. Each month I’m going to share an outline or blurb on my music business plans.
I feel doing this will not only help keep me accountable and focused, but it’ll also provide some inspiration to the readers of this site (hopefully).

Create 90 Music Cues

3 cues a day, I’ve been doing this consistently since the beginning of the year (roughly). I’m still surprised by the number of negative emails I’ve received about my work-flow – At least 10 a day (at least)

Find New Musical Inspiration

I thrive off inspiration. Without it, making 3 tracks a day would be impossible. There’s no way I’d be able to do this consistently without good sources of inspiration.

Meet 2 Music Supervisors

The majority of my placements come from music libraries and while they’re great assets, I find myself growing a little tired of them. I tend to get better (more targeted) leads and projects when working directly with music supervisors because they are connected with projects.

Director – Music Supervisor – Music library – Music creator(s)
Director – Music Supervisor ← Music creator

Just 1 less layer to go through when working directly with a supervisor.
There are a few I work with on a regular, but I need to reach out and build a bigger network.

Record 500 New Sounds

I made a list of goals to accomplish this year (New Years Resolution) and getting more familiar with my field recording equipment was one of them.

Right now I’m working with the following: Yes, these are affiliate links

To some 500 may sound like a lot, but it’s relatively low. I could easily record 200 sounds of my car within an hour.

A quick example of what could be captured

  • Closing the trunk
  • Opening the truck
  • Closing the hood
  • Opening the hood
  • Revving the engine
  • Tires screeching
  • Car horn
  • Turn signals
  • Gear shifting?
  • Pass bys

This looks like a shortlist, but there are many sounds to be capture here, especially if I’m capturing sound from different perspectives.

Release Boom Bap Phonetics 2

I’ve been tossing this project on the back burner long enough. I’ll work on it for a bit, then a project comes along and I totally forget about it until a fan or friend inquires about the project.
It’s time to finalize it and move on.

Launch Free Membership Program

I’ve been planning and working on this for a few months. Like the Boom, Bap Phonetics project → Became back burner material.

Being overwhelmed doesn’t help either. Lately, I’ve been juggling more projects than I can handle. I love what I do, but sometimes it can be a little much.

Anyway, this program will launch in August 2013.

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