Music Business Goals: Expanding Your Horizons & Building Relationships. That's How You Succeed

Music Business Goals: Expanding Your Horizons & Building Relationships. That's How You Succeed

This monthly update is a little late, but here it is. These goals will help keep me profitable for 2014

Experiment With Different Genres Of Music

Every now and again I get a wild hair in an odd place and decided to expand my horizons by dipping into a different genre of music. I’ve talked with a few friends about this (expanding), but was side tracked by a project before I could dive in.
As a result I’ve missed out on easy placements. Easy meaning if there were booming drums and a few emotional lines of string, I could have nailed it.
But I have no cinematic tracks, never have
And it just so happens that Judy (the music supervisor) is in a prime position to push that sound and she’s willing to work me, if I can supply. So, I’m going put some time into studying and crafting cinematic material, even if it sounds cheesy and cliché.

Creating Meta Data For Instrumentals

I’m still creating data for tracks that were created last year. I’m thinking about dedicating a few weeks to this, just go ahead and knock it out. The quicker I get them done the quicker I can send them off to libraries.

Concentrate On Quality Music Libraries

After going through the music licensing challenge, I’ve come across a lot of libraries. Some good, some bad and others… just ok. My opinions have nothing to do with the libraries personally, they are all useful, but there are some I feel better working with than others.
I think it’s a better business move to put my efforts into the libraries where I’ve built a relationship with owner or assistant(s) Or, libraries where I’m generating some income.

Build Relationships With Small Business Owners

Why? because I noticed a lot of businesses in my area lack the technical know-how as far as video and music so I will be the answer to their problem for a small price.
Coffee shops, car dealerships, car repair, thrift stores etc. These are all potential markets I can walk into. I’ve seen their commercials and a lot of times it’s horrible.
I asked a pawnshop how much they paid for their commercial, told them I was looking into having one done. The owner told me $5,500.
No steady footage, crappy pans, bad jump cuts and transitions. Future client, trust me.
Again not many goals but definitely ones that will make an impact in my business.

What are your goals?

Tell me what you have planned for this month. Are you working on something new? Are you finishing up what you couldn’t last month, or are you at a stand still? Let me know


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2 thoughts on “Music Business Goals: Expanding Your Horizons & Building Relationships. That's How You Succeed

  1. Great idea going to the local business the ones in my area look so outdated. I’m starting a website to help Hip Hop producers with online music businesses. good read Thanks Greg

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