Music Business Goals: Here's What's On Deck For 2014

Music Business Goals: Here's What's On Deck For 2014

New Years Resolutions! Where are they? Come on share them, don’t be shy. This is the time when everyone decides to finally hit the gym, make better decisions, go back to school and get a degree or *insert whatever sounds good here*.
For other’s, they just want to fit in with everyone else. They set goals, and well, that’s where it ends. Then a year passes and they wonder why things aren’t going in their favor. Why they’re still in the same place they were five years ago. Don’t be that person this year, set some goals, outline an action plan and get some stuff done!
Here’s what i’ll be working on

Concentrate On Building Albums

In 2013 my focus was on creating a large quantity of tracks. I just wanted to pump out a lot of material. I felt if I shot for a high number (like 1000) it would keep me active. It didn’t matter how simple the tracks were, the fact that I was actively doing something made it worth it.
So, I did the whole 1000 track deal – 1000 tracks 365 days. Now, what I didn’t think about was thoroughly categorizing the material. I mean, I did to some extent as far as genre and shows where I felt the music would fit, but I could have done a better job. Most of it doesn’t even have meta data for crying out a loud.
After speaking with different editors and supervisors I found that they have albums full of “go to” material. So my new aim is to take all my tracks and categorize them into albums that can be easily rifled through.

Record More Sounds

I need more source material. I find myself having to record from scratch damn near every-time I start a new project. I should be at a point where I can rifle through sounds, layer and add a few tweaks and be done.
At least, that’s where I’d like to be. It’s a lot of work scheduling time to record sources I don’t have access to, recording them, editing, and then organizing them. I love it, but it’s very time consuming.
I’m thinking 50 new recordings a month → edited, cleaned and filed should get me on the right path. This will shave hours of time off each project allowing me to complete them much faster than I currently am.

Weight Loss & Fitness

Don’t worry I’m not trying to get all “weight loss fitness buff” on anyone, but It’s something that needs to happen. I need better eating habits. I’ve notice a significant weight increase this year. Lack of exercise, bad dieting choices → I’m seeing a difference. Oh, and a good friend of mine told me I’m getting fat… that’s always nice to hear.
So, a strict diet and good exercise it will be, I’m going to cut down on the unhealthy stuff. I’ve been sucked in by all the late night infomercials, it’s sad I know.
The goal is to lose 40lbs and tone up

Production Setup Update

I try not to upgrade my setup much, but it’s happening, and there will be a new work flow for me. Here it goes
Reason 7: Staying in the mix, it’s what I know, it’s what I’ve been using since version 1.0. When I need to get work done (especially on short notice), it’s where I turn. I’ll still using it creating instrumentals, but not when the project calls for me to use video.
Logic X Pro: I’ve always stayed away from DAWs because of my attention span. It’s hard for me to focus when using them because of the options. There are too many amazing plugins out these days. Everything sounds golden.
Most the time I find myself doing more experimenting than creating.
Maschine Studio: I’ve been a maschine fan since before it’s official release. I had an opportunity to sound design for the unit in 2008 and I’ve been a fan ever since. So, it was only right for me to migrate over to maschine studio.
That and there’s gear lust seeping through my pores. I’ll mainly be using maschine for whenever I want to work with a pad-based unit or to step outside of the norm. I like working with the hands on units from time to time, and I feel it’ll be great to use alongside Logic x
IK Multimedia ARC 2 System: I’ve always wanted to try ARC, but never got around to it. It was also hard finding reviews for the thing and the reviews I did find sucked. Technical babble with no clear answers.
For a while or better yet for the last year I’ve been using Focusrite’s VRM Box. It was small, easy to configure and it was the right price ($99.00). I knew it wouldnt replaced “good monitors”, but it serves as a good grotbox.

Website Face lift, Updates &… Blah

Site Look: I’m looking to go for a more professional look and feel. I’ve been scoping out some coders to help me with this. I’m a very technical guy, but coding, that’s not a strength of mine. I would like to learn, but It would much easier to outsource what I’m looking to do.
Podcast: I still want to jump into this. Spent a little time weighing the pros and cons, and what it really boils down to is my fear of keeping the podcast interesting. Let be honest here, I’m not all that interesting. I’m more of an introvert, nerd… hermit….So, there’s that, but what have I really got to lose here?
→ Besides a little time and extra hosting fee’s?
I’m going to pull the trigger on this idea February/March for sure.
Hangouts/Video: I want to try to do a little more video this year. Wanted dive in last year, but there was just no time. I mentioned liking and experimenting with Google Hangouts, that’s definitely going to be “a go” this year

Music Production, Licensing Plans

This year I want to dive into some different genres as well as pick up an instrument. I purchased a bass guitar a few months ago. Haven’t been practicing much with it, but I need to, it’s just taking up space in the corner of my room 🙁
I’ll also be focusing more on working with the clients and relationships I’ve built participating in the 90 Day Music Licensing Challenge. There’s still plenty to speak to a negotiate with. Music libraries will still be apart of the game plan, but I want more relationships with people who have the ability to make a decision or that are working close to those who are.
What plans do you have for the New Year?


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24 thoughts on “Music Business Goals: Here's What's On Deck For 2014

  1. Happy New Year Greg:) im proud to be the first commenter and this will be my first comment ever here so my goals:
    Beatsales – I’d like to average a 50$/day on selling instrumentals/beats on my website. 1500$ per month would be awesome since my 9-5 pays around 650$ (i livebin Europe)
    Fitness: i will keep it as simple as it could be, get my 6 packs back. Im around 72 kg but my body fat is about 15% so it is time for a goid diet
    My website: just finishing the new layout and I’d like to bring more articles to help up and coming rappers. Also I want to hit Google’s number 1 page for different keywords 🙂
    Keep up guys!

    1. Hi Phami,
      Those are pretty nice goals you have there and one’s I feel are very obtainable in by the end of the year. The ranking of keywords can be a bit tough → depending on which keywords you’re targeting.
      $50.00 a day isn’t to hard, just takes the right marketing plan. Speaking of marketing, how are you planning to market your work?

  2. Great goals, Greg. I plan to write a song a week with the intent to release a CD or two. I started a writing group with a few friends in November that has helped keep us on track. I also want to build my track library. I also need to learn much more about licensing my work as I’d like to go full time by this time next year (if not sooner). I’m a web designer/developer during the day, would definitely be interested in working out some sort of deal if you’re interested.

    1. Thanks Russ!
      You have some nice goals as well. How many friends do you have in the group? As far as licensing goes what are you confused about?
      Not sure what kind of deal you have in mind, but email me and let me know, lets talk.

      1. Hi Greg,
        There are 6 of us in the group. We got the idea from an article (can’t remember the source) where one person sets the theme or catch phrase for the song and everyone has to write around it. The first person to submit their song for that week sets the theme for the next week.
        It’s an outstanding motivator.

        1. Rus,
          that sounds like a good plan and workflow. Especially if you’re working with the right people. I like it

  3. Great plans, I started the new year with the 90 day challenge and submitting tracks, also I am creating a track each day. That’s it for now!

    1. Good work Laman,
      a track a day is good, I’m in the process of starting, well…. crafting a mini challenge for the readers of Diy Music Biz. I’ll let you know when I have all my thoughts together.

  4. Hey Greg! Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing. A few goals I will be working on begins with me purchasing my first guitar! So excited about this and staring my class in mid-January. I also am working on new music, reviewing Protools tutorials and learning it. In the process if preparing for two live shows. Securing some placements is also on the list. Better connecting with my current contacts and making new ones is in the plan also. Driving traffic to my site. Keeping fresh content on social media. It sounds overwhelming, but I think it can be done

    1. Hi Classic,
      What you have planned is very doable. What kind of guitar are going to purchase? Are you taking your classes online or from a local instructure?
      I spent a few hours at the studio shadowing a session player, he makes bass look so damn easy grrr. Let me know if you need any help with the traffic generation

  5. Nice goals! Push through famo! I’m going to put up at least two more album/mixtapes, write five more hip-hop ministry and leadership books for Christian hip-hop artist, and blog more on some how to hip-hop music ministry stuff according to the music psalmist of King David.

    1. Ah you’re a writer? Sweet, I’ve been thinking of creating a book, haven’t really put much oomph into the idea. Are these Kindle format? If so what is your process for publishing them.

  6. Nice, Greg! A suggestion: take some time (I know, I know . . . go little by little) to educate yourself about the “eating” thing. It doesn’t have to be hard or miserable, but you have to have a foundation of knowledge to make that true for yourself. Maybe you can do a trade with someone to teach you. Same with the exercise.
    I have one resolution, which is to find FUN ways to keep learning and dealing with the difficult challenges that come up. Stuff like SALES, or learning a new technical skill. Sometimes they’re not even that difficult — it’s more that I have some psychological block to them.
    I was just about to get fatigued & whiney about all the HARD stuff I’ve done this past year (waaaah — poor me), and then I remembered that all I have to do is find help from people I like. Then it’s FUN, and there’s no need to punk out or procrastinate!

    1. Hi Kipp,
      The problem with me is I’m eating the wrong things. I have a habit of eating until I’m full and sadly, what high calorie food I crave isn’t very filling so, it’s pretty easy to consume 3,000 + calories a day. I spoke with a trainer a few week ago who put me on a simple plan. I’m going to try it for a month and then slowly add in the exercises. 1 thing she warned me about jumping into a demanding routine to early, she said that’s why most people quit with dieting and fitness goals. Makes sense to me.
      I’m the same way with technical skills. If I can’t find a “fun” aspect of the skill or fun use for the skill it’s hard for me to pick up or stick with and i just toss the idea out. Support groups are amazing, I might form a couple locally this year.

  7. My resolution is to turn realhotradio into a FM station to help support independent artist in Orlando, Florida

  8. One of my 2014 goals is … to come up with a great goals list like yours! In other words, I need to get organized. In 2013 I kept a spiral notebook full of things I wanted to do, and I did about 75% of them. Soon I’ll look over the ones I didn’t do and decide if I want to carry them forward.
    I also plan to:
    – release more piano related tutorials on YouTube, spending no more than 45 minutes creating each video.
    – write at least one new track a week. That might not sound like much but knowing my workload it’s realistic.
    – decide which high quality library I’d like to affiliate with.
    – I recently upgraded from Reason 4 to Reason 7, so I need to spend time getting familiar with 7.
    – start unleashing the power of the bells and whistles in Reaper.
    – keep my jazz chops up by playing 2 gigs per month (same as last year.)
    I’m sure there will be more but I think that’s a good start.
    Happy New Year everyone!

    1. Hi Steve,
      don’t knock yourself 75% is better than most, trust me. I think 1 track a week is perfect, as long as you’re creating it’s step in the write direction. Oh, yea, Reason 7 is a different beast compared to 4. I think you’ll pick it up easily though. Everything works the same minus the new mixing, few features and the ability to record audio. The audio recording makes things a lot easier. I really wish they would support video already, maybe sometime in the future.
      I’ll shoot you an email, I have a question about your gigging experience(s)

  9. Happy New Year Greg,
    In 2014 I’m going to help develop a new artist and focus a lot on getting more tracks to publishers and music libraries.
    I am also going to join the 90 day challenge this year.
    I use ProTools for my DAW but I’m going learn Reason this year. I’ve watched a lot of Reason videos and I like what the program is capable of.

    1. Happy New Year Richard!
      Developing artists can be tough. Pro tools is an amazing application same with Reason. Let me know if you need any help with Reason.

  10. Another good post, Greg. Good luck this year! I hope to continue the success I had at the tail-end of 2013, when I had a few network placements. I also reached my 2013 goal of producing 100 cues, which I hope to repeat this year. It’s a good pace for me, and it gives me time to shop what I’m producing. Other than that, I’ll be playing in a blues/jazz trio (I play bass). As great as studio recording can be, performing live is still my favorite aspect of music.

  11. Late with this greeting: HAPPY NEW YEAR in May! I stopped making resolutions and started studying more of Revelations (KJV). This is a starting-over year for me, effective Jan. 22nd with the passing of my lovely mother, of whom I was the primary caregiver.
    Here are some suggestions for your weight-watching plans: Considering put some weights and a seat/non-seat cycle in your studio. Let it tempt you to take exercise breaks and drink more water (a filler that leaves little room for food). Keep some granola bars and apples in a bowl nearby (support for your digestive system). Try those things. Let me know how it goes! 😉

    1. Hi Jacqueline,
      I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s passing. I hope all is well with you and your family. It happens, we know it’s coming, but no matter how much you prepare it still hurts losing a love one.
      Great weight loss tips. I do have some free weights and I tend to walk the dog a lot more frequently. One thing that has helped me is drinking more water/tea and getting in 10,000 steps a day. I’ll have to keep some healthy snacks near me, that’s a good idea. I’ve been trying to eat at least 3 times a day (meals). I’ll try your tips and let you know how it goes.
      thanks again

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