Logic Pro X: I'm Crossing over → Bye Bye Reason 7

Logic Pro X: I'm Crossing over → Bye Bye Reason 7

The world of audio is very inexpensive these days. What use to require $15,000 can be obtained for less than $3,000, thanks to technology. The problem with this is the number of options we have, it’s just too many.
I’ve lost track of all the companies that offer; all in one solutions, daws, plugins, instrument banks, samplers etc. Hardware is no different and hybrid and mobile recording setups are on the rise. This makes decision making complicated.
So complicated that people often switch setups every few years, because some company claims their work-flow is new and improved, innovative, auto this, auto that, rubs your back etc.
Once you find something that works life is great. But, what happens when you jump into a field and your production setup doesn’t cut the mustard?
Is it back to the drawing board?

My Current Music Production Setups

Yes, I have more than 1. Over the years I’ve accumulated and adapted to many different hardware and software solutions. I’ve gone from classic setups (mpc 3000 & Triton) to all software → Daw with just about any plugin you could imagine. Here’s a partial run down of my production setups, what I actually use.
Classic Hiphop Hardware Production Setup 1:
· Akai Mpc 3000
· Sp 303 (or 505)
· Techniques 1200
Classic Hiphop Hardware Production Setup 2:
· Mpc 1000
· Sp505 (or 303)
· Technic 1200
Software Production Setup:
· Reason 7 8
· Akai Mpk 49
· Mdr 7506
· Monitors
· Focusrite Saffire 6
Software Production Setup2:
· Pro Tools (Mpowered)
· Mpk49
· Sony MDR 7506
· Alesis
· Joemeek
Mobile Production Setup:
· Reason
· Saffire 6 Usb
· akai 25 key
· Headphones
· VRM box
Occasionally, I may swap Reason for Maschine or Spark or maybe even the Mpc 3000 for the 1000, but it’s all the same.
Why different setups?:
For a change of pace and to keep me creating. There’s times where I’ll use just the Mpc 3000 and nothing else. I go with this older setup to get me back on track. “Keep It Simple Stupid” and I don’t think it gets any simpler than an old school sampling workstation.
I use 1 application for 99% of my production… Reason. I’ve been using this application since version 1.0. It’s the application that made me switch from my Mpc 3000/Korg Triton setup…. Crazy right?
I use Propellerheads Reason for everything; sound design, music composition, stingers, bumpers, sound FX… Everything. Any style, genre…EVERYTHING!!!

So Why Leave Propellerheads Reason 7?

Reason’s a great program, even with it’s lack of plugin support and long over due updates. I stayed with the franchise because of the stability and work-flow. I know program like the back of my hand.
Lately, I’ve been going after more projects in the film and video game industry. Great industry btw, and the more projects I land, the more I realize; Reason doesn’t cut it. It doesn’t support video… of any format. Totally lacking in the music to picture world.
I hate opening Reason then having to open another app just to view the video. Someone mentioned ‘rewire’ as an option, but what’s the point rewiring? I might as well just use the Daw. I just want 1 application that allows me to import video and compose around it (score it) in real-time, that’s it.
If Propellerheads ever incorporates this feature I’d be back on the ‘fan wagon’, but until then, I’ll have to move on.

Crossing Over To Logic Pro X

It’s going to be real pain having to rebuild all my templates and sound patches. I cringe just thinking about. I fear becoming a plugin whore (once again!). The last time I use a daw for production, I ran everything. I’m talking the entire line of whatever was popular. I spent more time experimenting than I did getting work done. My productivity was hot dog water, seriously.
I had to have the latest; waves, NI, Ik Multimedia etc. If a company came out with a product that rivaled anything good, I had to have that as well.
A plugin whore, that I am 🙁
I’ll have to do some serious thinking about what I need vs those that are just nice to have access to. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.
· Izotope: Entire Line
· Arturia: Entire Line
· Native Ins: Entire Line (maybe)
· Rob Papen: Entire Line
· Dedicated wav editor of some sort
· Ik Multimedia – Thinking about it
That’s what I have so far and it already sounds like I’ll have too much. I might trim it down by picking specific plugins from each company.
I’ve spent the last week getting familiar with the new features in logic. I’ll spend a little time mapping out hot keys to resemble what I had in Reason and Digital Performer (when I used it). I’ll also spend some time converting my old templates over to Logic. It might even be smarter to create new ones from scratch as the sound is starting to change a little, plus it’ll help me further familiarize myself with a good work-flow.

Logic Pro Community, Reason Community

Any reason users out there in the same boat? If so, how do you manage? What do you like about Logic? How do you feel about X vs Pro 9? What are you favorite, must have and or go to plugins?


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20 thoughts on “Logic Pro X: I'm Crossing over → Bye Bye Reason 7

  1. Nice read man. I felt the same and pretty much stopped using Reason back at V5. I’ve been on Cubase since before Cubase VST24. Late 90’s. So the allure of Reason was just having everything in one place. But ya know, different tools for different jobs, as well as more advanced tools for more advanced users. Now a days tho, work flow is EVERYTHING.
    And as for the plugin talk.. I was reading that thinking.. “and that’s just the creative stuff”. My Mixing plugin game is getting insane. SO MUCH to keep up with. It’s definitely time to simplify. I just love having #options!

  2. I like Reason too. When I’m working with my studio partner we always start projects off with reason before moving across to Sonar, as he is most comfortable using Reason, but when I’m doing stuff at home, I use Sonar almost exclusively. I guess this is due to the fact I use a lot of Hardware synths, but I’m a plug-in whore too.
    What I like about Reason is the stability and the speed of working, but also the fact that visually it is like using hardware. I love the rack, and the ability to use it virtually as a modular synth. This can lead to some clutter, but you can pretty much hide things away in a combinator.
    I haven’t upgraded from Reason 5/Record yet, but have kept current with Sonar up to X2 as pretty much Reason 5/Record does what I need it to and I don’t want to be tempted to buy the same Plug-ins that I already have as Rack Extensions as that would just be a waste of time and money.
    I love the workflow in Sonar, especially since the GUI makeover, and as I work a lot with MIDI hardware (at home) it makes more sense to me to use a more “fully fledged” DAW. That’s not having a go at Reason, as Props have always said that Reason is not a DAW, as such, and never really had MIDI capabilities until recently.
    With my Producing partner though, We’ll still keep using Reason/Record as we work in-the-box at the studio.

    1. That’s the reason I stuck with Reason for so many years: Speed and stability. But for the video stuff, gah, that’s really a thorn in the side for me these days
      Wish Reason handled video, it would be ever so lovely

  3. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve gone through multiple phases of different recording setups. I found that I actually prefer to work multiple ways. Sometimes it’s just out of boredom from staring at the same DAW but also because when I set down behind a MPC or in a room with just the guitar and a loop pedal things just come out different. I’m not sure why it does vs. chopping up a sample in Reason and using the NNXT and Kong or setting 4-8 bar loops in the sequencer and playing guitar. Is it because I spend so much time tweaking my mixes in a daw, playing with effects, going through endless amounts of drum sample kicks, snares, and hi hats that I can’t close my eyes and let my ears and soul be more creative. Probably.
    I also think that using different DAW’s is like using different instruments. A good example would be a guitar player who has 6 guitars on stage who plays all of them periodically through his set. The technique of playing them is the same but the end result and what the guitar player is wanting to do is create a different vibe, feel, and sound. Does any of that makes sense?
    I don’t know if I will ever have just one way of recording and creating music but I highly doubt it. If next week they come out with a helmet like the one the professor wore in back to the future and it let’s you control sounds with your brain waves, I’ll be the first to stand in line and bug a sales rep somewhere about release updates and pre-order status. Until then I guess I’ll just stick to making music the old fashion way. 🙂

    1. Hi Steve
      that makes perfect sense. I feel the same way when I use something like Ableton Live. I feel like it’s a completely different instrument and it does inspire me when I work with it.
      I’m not as fluent with it of course, so things take longer, but it helps the creative process thats for sure

  4. I don’t quite understand why you throw away all your Reason experience when Rewire seamlessly connects it to any DAW. Reason is meant to be used as an instrument, no? I use it as a Rewire slave to Logic 9. Am I missing something?

    1. Hi Alex,
      Reason was meant to be an all in 1 solution for the composer and now musician/artist with it’s recent updates. Yes, it can be used as an instrument as with any application/daw that can be slaved. I personally don’t want to rewire for the simple fact of using reason for it’s sounds. The reason I went Logic was strictly for composing to film.
      I like using 1 application when working. Makes more sense to me to use AU’s which have better sounding stock and uses less resources than to use Reason as a slave. For me it’s about simplicity.
      I still use Reason for music, but when it’s composing to film, reason doesn’t work as well and rewire is just…It’s much easier working with an application meant for scoring and sound to picture based work.

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge.
    I’ve been on Reason 4 rewired into logic 9 for the past 5 years.
    I’ve recently upgraded to Logic X and find that I no longer am using reason (as a instrument).
    One of the major reasons I didn’t leave reason 4 earlier was because like an MPC…the timing of my drums in reason was much different than in Logic.
    I’ve only been using Logic for less than a month now but the feel and timing seems to be more MPC like.

  6. Reason 6-7 I recommend for the home producer any genre. Work flow is pretty amazing opening exporting time isn’t too bad.i love that you can produce a whole album in it. Although after one album I feel the effects such as reverbs, echo, eq. There’s only so much. You could buy new devices on the propellorhead website. As far as sounds. It comes with plenty of sounds for multiple projects. After owning fl. Studio I wasn’t impressed with sounds and like most ppl. Are saying it’s kinda confusing. Reason is the best work flow daw
    I’ve used.

  7. I love reason 6.5/7. I dumped ProTools and use Reason exclusively in all my projects now. For film work I slave back to ProTools on a third monitor. It really does not bother me much at all since I have been running rewire since v2 and I don’t see a huge performance hit anymore with the new computers. Reason is just worth it to me especially after I purchased the Nektar Panorama P6. Talk about taking workflow to the next level. That midi controller is a total game changer for Reason. Anyway – my 2 cents.

  8. Yes IM a Jamaican producer and I would say reason has in fact the best beat making software on the planet when it comes to realistic sounds comparing to real life reason beats all draws all the rest is fuckry when I want a real bass or real drums I count on reason I don’t do films I do riddims and videogames soundtracks reason for life with prtools and t racks as my mastering monster good producers know good quality pro mixers use reason to mix analog reason for reality no fake sounds of any other dates

  9. I use reason 9 for 100% of everything. I been using reason since 2.0 used to use logic but once reason added pitch edit, it was a wrap for me. I still have logic pro x but only use the sound library of it and browse through that inside of reason. My biggest plus in reason is the automation. Its stupid easy and does what i want when i want with no questions asked. As far as mixing, it keeps me simple and focused on the task at hand. No more plugin hunting. I get the tool needed for the job. For me, reason is fast and comfortable. I don’t “need” anything else. But there is still tons of room for improvement.

  10. Logic is a total shit on Mac, as same as GarageBand is. Becouse of its stupid media-content indexing idea. Total mess. Reason is solid, Reason is classic.

    1. there was a nice workaround for this, however…they’ve changed this thankfully. Old post, I know, but had to bring it up. Hope all is well with you.

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