How To Get More Placements (Music Licensing)

How To Get More Placements (Music Licensing)

In this video I share 1 fail proof way of getting more placements. I know some of you will look down on this method, but facts are facts.
I don’t care what industry you’re in, consumers put their money into what they know vs something new and original. Especially If this new concept/idea is being presented by an unknown source.
The film industry recycles the same stories outlines, repackages them and sells them over and over again. Yes, new actors, different characters, slightly different plot but same movie.
Have you seen the number of SAW knock offs out there?
The music industry is no different. How many times have we heard the same songs over and over? Different artist, same plot, same concept, same song. It has a slightly different spin, but it’s the same song.
There’s a market for this stuff, if there wasn’t people wouldn’t waste their time making it.


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11 thoughts on “How To Get More Placements (Music Licensing)

  1. Hi
    Thanks for making this video and its advice available. It is very interesting and helpful. What I would like to ask though please is how one goes about seeking permission to rearrange existing tracks. I am aware of severe copyright issues including the Verve Bittersweet Symphony Riff having trouble because of its similarity with a Rolling Stones song. Is there a method to gain permission to arrange songs?
    Many thanks and best wishes

    1. Hello Martin,
      You don’t need permission to rearrange music. The need for ‘permission’ comes into play when you plan on releasing and or profiting from the material you’re sampling/using.
      You will need to contact the company and or individuals who own the rights to the music you instead to use and get what’s called a clearance.

  2. Hello Greg; Thanks for the tips which I really found to be illuminating. I am interested in marketing the CD located at
    We need sponsorship as money is an obstacle as relates to advertising, promoting and so forth.. It however is believed that this CD contains more than a single track that would be well received by people.. Can you offer any suggestions? Would you consider yourself taking it on as something that might be worth your while?

  3. I’ve been writing music and lyrics for over 20 years and done nothing to put it out in public.
    I’ve got a CD with 20 of my songs on it – mostly vocals, male and female, nice arrangements. I would like to send it to a music publisher or vocalist to listen to.
    Kind regards.

  4. I have a producer who is a visionary
    Yes I know everyone is a producer but this guy gets standing ovations, remixed the National Anthem whihc waxs accepted and saluted on USO tour and is amazing wirter
    He can write and produce whatever is needed.
    where does he go to get his stuff licensesd for film etc. I am 28 yr veteran in concert promotion worldwide so I know good-great music. what do you suggest or contact me email
    he has some samples on soundcloud but so many steal stuff from there now it has become the sampling melting pot. check out seminole county music or wintersprings and listen to national anthem Who do you know that can remix and arrange the national anthem? Now that is talent. Alos looking for representation. know anyone?

  5. Greg, this news is very exciting to me. For I have hung my hat on what I call “recomposing” various tracks. I find it fairly easy to do so as well. So this gets me more motivated towards my goal of multiple future placements. I still have lots to learn, but gain insightful info daily. Keep em coming… Peace… Netm8kr

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