Do Music producers need managers to succeed? What About Bands Or Artists?

Do Music Producers Need Managers To Succeed?

That’s the question, do music producers, artists, and bands need managers? Some artists need a little push to make it to the next level while others need full artist development.

It depends on where you are in your career and whether or not you have something that needs managing. Especially today where there’s no shortage of independently successful music creators.

What Is A Producer Manager?

Much like a manager for an artist or band, a producer or beatmaker’s manager handles the business side of music so a music producer can focus on what they do best which is producing music.

Music Managers Aren’t Genies

People think managers just picks up anyone and everyone and brings them opportunities. If only it was that simple. Just like any other field or career, a manager needs to make a living.

Their time is money and if there’s no money, to begin with, what’s the point of wasting their time? I know that sounds harsh, but that’s reality. It would be like you applying for a job that doesn’t have the capital to pay, would you still take that job?

How To Get A Music Manager

Although this video was made years ago and probably not as clear as it could have been, what I’m alluding to is reaching out to music managers when you have a career worth managing.

If you have a manageable career, music professionals will start reaching and inquiring about you. In the event you reach out to them first, you’ll at least have something to negotiate with.

You want to do as much as possible by yourself before spending money on a babysitter. Managers have a great responsibility when they’re in partnership with any music producer or artist, especially a profitable one. Not only are they managing the music producer’s career but they’re also managing their lives which is why I call them babysitters.

Some of us (a lot) need to be babysat. We need someone to help us on track and accountable and someone who will advocate for us in negotiations.


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