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Top 5 Music Libraries


So you have your songs ready, you’re signed up with a PRO (that fits your needs), but now the question is “which music libraries are worth my time and effort.”

None of them are a waste of time (imo) they just cater to different people. Some people are ok with giving up a set % of their publishing or paying a membership fee (or submission fee) to submit their music to projects.

I can’t tell you which music library is right for you, there are lots of different tiers, but I can tell you about 5 that are responsible for most of my income (when it comes to licensing).

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Music Licensing Companies

Below are a few things you need to know about music libraries before joining.

What Do Music Licensing Companies Do?

They play the middle man between music creators and music buyers. Music libraries have a system/platform that allows media creators to search and purchase music for their projects.

Some of these companies take a chunk of your profits for using their platform other’s don’t

Where Can I Find Music Libraries?

Look online, they’re everywhere. If you need a step by step “how to” on finding music licensing companies to submit music to, then join my free music business essentials course – Music Biz Essentials

How Much Money Can I Make Using Music Licensing Companies

I call this the “hot dog stand” question. It depends on how many music libraries you’re with, how many songs get placed, and what your percentage is. If you never get a placement, then you make nothing.


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