Soundcloud – Music Licensing & Pumpaudio

I’m starting to get a lot of emails and questions on Skype about Music Licensing and the best ways to go about getting placements in: Film, Video Games, TV Commercials etc

So rather than replying to everyone individually I thought β€œhey, why not make a video!?” – So, um…. that is what I done did πŸ™‚


In this video I talk about the following

  • Music Licensing
  • Soundcloud (business merger)
  • Pumpaudio (acceptance time)
  • Getty Image Music (Buy out)
  • Why You Need Soundcloud

I hope you find this video beneficial (share it!), I’m in the process of creating a few more as we speak.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below



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31 thoughts on “Soundcloud – Music Licensing & Pumpaudio

  1. I actually signed up with them last year but I re-signed with them last week. They accepted and I am working on my submission CD now. Great advice!

  2. I found this video to be very useful. I’m excited to get my music up on pumpaudio. I already have an active Soundcloud account.

    The one thing that does make me hesitant is the fact that I’m not the greatest mixer for my beats. I’m afraid my beats aren’t up to standard yet.

    Then again I don’t want too wait too long trying to get them perfect and miss out on huge opportunities. But, I know first impressions are what matters.

    I’m kind of at a loss on this one.

  3. Great advice! I had one of my songs picked up for an episode of WWE Smackdown last November and am constantly trying to get my music placed.

    1. Hi Yuri,

      Ready is an opinion. I personally think if you can compose good music then yes you are ready. The hump is reaching out to those that need your music.

  4. Hi Greg –
    Thanks for posting this informative video which I came across in the Music and Audio Professionals group on LinkedIn. I’ll be interested to hear the second part about the negative aspects as well.

    I’m a music producer/recording artist in the San Francisco Bay area, and I started doing research on licensing opportunities about a year ago. I got a bit overwhelmed with all the various details, contracts, exclusive vs. non-exclusive, etc. as well as all the positive and negative user feedback for various companies online, and didn’t follow through with it.

    I do mainly instrumental music in the ambient, electronica, and new age genres. I hear a lot of music that is similar to mine in documentaries on The Science Channel, National Geographic Channel, shows like Nova, etc. I’d love to find some placements like that, as well as film, video, etc. There are some examples of my music with video at the link below.

    Anyway, just wanted to touch base and say thanks again for your video.
    Best wishes,
    Michael Diamond

    music videos:

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving some feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed the video (will be creating more soon).

      I’ve listened to a few of your songs (impressive). There is a definitely a place for your music out there. You have get past all the negative reviews and do your own trial and error. People will complain about anything especially if it doesn’t got their way.

      I’ve met people that have put down companies simply because they haven’t made any more with them. That’s not the companies fault that’s the vendors/musicians fault. Simply means you’re supplying music the client wants to use or even needs at the time

      – Has nothing to do with the middle man

  5. Yes, it’s a must to get your music out there my friend. If it’s sitting on your harddrive it’s not doing a thing for you

  6. Yes, it’s a must to get your music out there my friend. If it’s sitting on your harddrive it’s not doing a thing for you

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