Disadvantage Of Licensing Your Music W/ Soundcloud/GettyImages


Today I’m going over the disadvantages of licensing your music with Getty Images & Soundcloud. Keep in mind the info shared is accurate to date of the video.

For those of you who missed the 1st video titled Soundcloud – Music Licensing & Pumpaudio < Just follow that link .



In this video I talk about the following

  • Soundcloud
  • Getty Images
  • Meta Tagging
  • Quality Control

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25 thoughts on “Disadvantage Of Licensing Your Music W/ Soundcloud/GettyImages

    1. Well, it’s not the end all and still very much my opinion. Hopefully they do offer some type of quality control.We’ll see what happens though. You just gotta make yourself as noticeable as possible.. Do everything to be seen and heard and offer quality.

  1. What about protecting the music. Do they handle that? Or should I copyright a group of music as a suite? What about BMI and companies like that? Do I upload my music to them, then try to place my music? Should I get a manager? I know these are a lot of questions, but these have confused me for a while.

    1. Hi Damond,

      You’ll always want to copyright your music before sending it off for anything. BMI and other PROS (Performing Rights Organizations) are pretty much a must have. There are some libraries out there that will let you join and pay you without being signed up to one but it’s best to join one.

      I have a lot of articles on this site covering PROS.

      It doesn’t hurt to use a manager but it’s not needed. You just have to find one that has your best interest in mind.

      1. Hi Greg I saw your video on linked in, about licensing songs to Getty Images using sound cloud, and wanted to thank you for your effort, it´s been real helpful thank´s for sharing it.

        And I also wanted to ask you a question, Do you have to have the tracks copyrighted before you make them available to license trough soundcloud? And/or be afialiated to a PROS, I already uploaded some songs to Getty Images trough soundcloud but wasnt asked any of this information to submit my work, so I wonder?

        Also how do you get paid? trough PayPal? or something I am not a US resident, I actually live in Guatemala Central America, but am interested in putting some of my work up for licensing. Thanx again for your help!

        1. Mario,

          Payment processor of choice depends on the music library and what you have setup with them. Some use Paypal, hard check, wire transfer and debit cards. So you’ll have to use whatever it is they have.

          It’s best to copyright your music and be affiliated with a PRO. Some libraries say it’s not a must, but it is highly encouraged, especially if you want to received any backend royalties

  2. Thank you for sharing these observations.
    I want to correct you on something about the quality control. I think first they have to find it on Soundcloud, and click License (and submit and inquiry) for it to get into GettyImages music database to begin with, so the quality gatekeeper is inherent in the soundcloud location, and the opinion of the soundcloud listener.

    1. Hey Steven!

      First off, I want to thank you for stopping by (means a lot to me). Now I could be wrong but from my understanding is Getty screens the music before allowing it in.

      The artist selects the tracks, getty screens….it’s in the library

      Now with pumpaudio this takes months! There are already soundcloud users who have their music in Getty’s library. So it makes me wonder and question the screening process.

      Why is it easier to get on through Cloud than it is using pump? Pumpaudio needs a CD (3-4 days mail) Soundcloud is just a file transfer away but still there is months of gap time in between.

  3. Great points you made would like to hear which libraries you think are the best. Also if I could make a shameless plug for our library Fliktrax.com is always looking for great new music.
    cheers man

    1. Nick, (Hope it’s ok to call you that)

      I actually listened to everything you have on your cloud. I just hit play and let it go. I personally feel you have what it takes to catch the ears of publishers as well as music supervisors. Your music sounds great imo

  4. Greg,

    I ran into this video about a month ago and recently uploaded some tracks, just for fun, just to see if they would be accepted. You’re right, there isn’t much quality control. I purposes made the tracks awful and they were accepted. The only thing I made sure was decent was the mix. I’m starting to question this venture

    Thanks for the vids btw keep them coming

    1. Hi Allen,

      That interesting. I did email getty asking what measures they were taking to insure quality control… Still haven’t received a response. I’ll try emailing them again. I can only imagine the amount of email they receive.

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