Home Studio: What Microphones Do You Have In Your Arsenal?

Home Studio: What Microphones Do You Have In Your Arsenal?

Microphones are to musicians what camera lenses are to photographers. The only difference is, there are more inexpensive “quality” mics on the market for those operating on small budgets than there are for photographers. Here’s a snapshot of my small, but versatile arsenal of mics I use in my home studio:   Studio Projects B3 […]

How To Build A Recording Studio Part 2

Build a Recording Studio part 2

  Alright, so here I am, back with the 2nd installment of building a recording studio. If you’ve missed the 1st part don’t worry you can find it here How To Build A Recording Studio Part 1 I hope you find this post just as beneficial if not more than part 1. Please feel free to […]

Balancing Studio Needs Vs Wants

  If you’re anything like me you have a subscription to 3-4 different music gear stores (online) that send you updates every week/month or whatever. Most of the time the updates they send are notifications of slashed prices or  promotion deals. I love looking at new gear that is released or soon to be released, […]

How To Build A Recording Studio

how to build a recording studio

  This is a buyer’s guide created for those who are interested in building their own recording studio but, don’t know what they need to purchase in order to do so. Now before creating this guide, I originally only had composers in mind but, as I continued writing I realized, there are a few other […]

Condenser vs Dynamic Microphones

  Condenser Microphones   These are the most common microphones you’ll find in any recording studio you walk into. In many cases, you’ll find multiple condenser mics in recording studios (mostly for different recording applications). Condenser mics have a really good frequency response and have the ability to reproduce sound accurately in its purest form. […]