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Demo Submission Split test Music LicensingHow many tracks must a demo contain? Is it best to send full songs or snippets? Which yields the best results? Does this sound familiar? If not, that’s ok, it comes from Music Licensing Update #6. This was an update where I shared my experience with having my demos rejected. While there were plenty of reasons why my music was rejected, there was one that stuck out to me → ‘track length‘.

I shared this experience on multiple forums and social media platforms and it was just a hot mess. Everyone was an expert and had all the answers to why my demo was rejected even though I explained ‘exactly why‘ within the 1st paragraph of my post.

Audio professionals – Such passionate individuals

Some made comments about track length and how long was better etc… I’ve never sent any company full songs nor have I ever been hassled about it.

Long story short, I decided to do a split test.


Music Licensing Split TestMusic Submission Split Test

This test was done to figure out which method worked best for me, full songs or snippets. For this test, I sent each library 2 sets of demos using 2 different email addresses (1 demo from each).

2 Email accounts? Isn’t that a little much?

Possibly, but I needed a way to accurately track results and the only way is by using 2 accounts. So here’s what I did

Email #1 – My original, I used this to submit 4 simple 1-2 min snippets with a slight modification.

Email #2 – I used this email to submit 4 full songs. Intro, verse, hook, breakdown outro, etc.

So that’s 8 tracks in total – Genre? → Hip-hop & Dubstep

I did this split test for about a month March 23rd – April 25th. . I submitted to libraries that were accepting online demos (only). The libraries were all fed to me via email (90 day challenge).

I probably should have given this test a little longer than 30 days, but this is good enough, I can always do it again at a later time.


Split Testing Results

S0 far all the responses that have come in have all been positive. I’m still waiting on others, but as you know everything takes time.

Here’s a little breakdown for you

Email #1 – 9 libraries replied and accepted. No one asked for more or longer demos (thank god)

Email #2 – 3 libraries replied with an acceptance letter. 1 library thanked me for sending incomplete tracks, felt kinda special there:)

What I found interesting

I’m sure I’m putting a little too much thought into this and it could be just a mere coincidence, but the shorter snippets received a faster response than the demos containing full songs.

I sent both demos (same genres) to the same exact same libraries seconds apart from 1 another, again probably doesn’t mean anything… but interesting.


So What Now

Submission Split Test – Well, for now, I’m just going to continue tracking this split test. I’ll post another update about it once everyone gets back to me. I’m getting feedback from the CD submissions I sent out, but more on that another time (soon).

Music Creation – I’m sticking with my 30 minute regiment because it keeps me focused, keeps me disciplined and the ideas just keep flowing in regardless of how well-tuned they are – Can always fine-tune and expand later on.

I’ve gotten a lot of flack about my workflow, but it works for me. I’ve been working this way for half a decade – If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

90Day Challenge Aftermath – So much has happened after the 90 day mark. Lots of placements underway, new connections.. Lots to share, just need to organize it all first. Stay tuned!


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