When You Should Copyright Your Music

When You Should Copyright Your Music


I got an interesting question today from a reader and fan of my music licensing case study. If you’re not familiar with it then you might wanna get familiar, you can find out more about it here.

 Should I copyright before or after I send music to libraries?

Now, I was going answer via email, but decided it would be much more beneficial if I shared my response with everyone – It’s a good question.


What I Cover In The Video

  • Importance of copyrighting music
  • How credit gets attached to the wrong composer
  • The best time to copyright your work
  • Poor Man’s Copyright
  • Supervisors/Directors/Projects
  • Copyrighting in bulk
  • And more



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2 thoughts on “When You Should Copyright Your Music

  1. Greg,

    Thank you for sharing the importance of copyright registration with your audience. I have been beating this drum for a while now, too.

    In my law practice I meet a lot of musicians who have been infringed but failed to register their copyright within three months of first publication or before the infringement occurred. As a result, they no longer have some of the most powerful benefits of registration available to them, including attorneys’ fees and statutory damages.

    Please continue to encourage musicians to register their work for protection. I can tell you first hand that it may make all the difference in the event their composition is infringed.

    All the best,

  2. Greg your the eyes and was for many people keep up the great work. I’m more of a writer slash lyrics. In which my ideai is to add the music to the lyrics,totally indifferent.opportunity did I give my idea away.not worry ed plenty more where that came from.

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