10 thoughts on “Exploring Alternative Careers in Music: This Is Where The Money Is!

  1. One of THEE most interesting videos I’ve ever watched. Great job Greg. If you’ve never watched it, check out the movie WALL-E. Get the one with the extras DVD. It has the sound designer doing his thing. Same guy from Star Wars.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to watch this video cast Damond. Please share it with others and I will check out Wall-e for sure

  2. I did watch it but would like to seen more on HOW the sounds are made for things like drum kits. Are you taking standard kicks and just adding Q to them. HOW do you design sounds kits for instruments. Would like to have seen more on that.

    1. Hi Ricky,

      thanks for watching! What you’re requesting doesn’t fit this video’s intent. Now to create your own sounds. You have to (as explained in the video) understand the basics mixing tools. Record your sound and tweak to your liking. If the sound needs EQ, add EQ, if it needs to be layered….then layer it.

      It’s a very simple process once you understand your tools, don’t over think it.

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