Music Licensing Course: Get Your Existing Tracks Placed In TV/Film

Aaron Davidson took my advice and lengthened his music licensing course to 180 days. This gives students more time for improvement, placements, and negotiating time with music supervisors and licensing companies.
The original 90-day music licensing challenge was good, but a little frustrating because most of the companies took 30-60 days to get back to you.
Course Opens July 6th. Sign up today and receive additional bennies

What’s Included In The 180 Day Music Licensing Challenge:

  • One hour of phone 1 on 1 consultation with Aaron
  • Monthly Conference Calls
  • Daily Licensing Leads
  • Training Videos
  • Email Coaching
  • Member’s Forum
  • Facebook Group Coaching (weekly)
  • The 2015 TV And Film Directory
  • Advanced Music Licensing Strategies
  • The A To Z Of Music Licensing
  • 20 Bonus Audio Interviews
  • And more!

What I’m Offering On Top Of Aaron’s Course

Aaron is offering some great value here, but there needs to be more, so here’s what I’ll toss into those who sign up within the next 2 weeks.

  • Unlimited track reviews
  • Unlimited 1 on 1 consultation
  • 20 extra leads (I use personally)
  • Google Hangouts Meetings
  • Advanced Lead Generation Strategies
  • Music cue editing techniques
  • Full access to my membership program
  • So, essentially what you’re getting is help from 2 experienced music professionals instead of one and as many 1 on 1 meetings and resources you need for the duration of the course.

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