OMG Music Libraries Are Stealing Our Money!

Music Libraries Stealing Money


These Music Libraries making money from our music. Can you believe that?

How dare they allow us to use their data base, piggy back off their traffic, handle cue sheets, collect royalties, disburse payments and then take a cut from our profits (sync/publishing).

They should all die of gonorrhea and rot in hell – Always wanted to say that (Ace Ventura Pet Detective).


No, I don’t didn’t read their terms, I just want to get my music in film.”


“Yes, I read the terms but I don’t know what they mean and I’m too lazy to figure out what they mean.”

That’s what 70% of my email list told me. If you don’t understand something you need to find someone who does or does the research before you just start signing contracts and agreeing to terms.

No one is robbing, cheating, or swindling you out of anything (granted it happens) and I doubt they put a gun to your head making you accept their terms.

If the terms don’t fit your business model… Then simply move on!

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