Music Business Goals: Sound Design & Mentoring


This month I’ll be focusing on two things – Mentoring musicians and sound design.


I love helping others make money with their music, that’s why this site was created. At times, It can be a handful especially when I have my own projects.

That’s why I shut down my membership last year.

Between mentoring and working with clients, it was to much to handle. I didn’t have the right system in place, too much to soon.

Sound Design

This month’s focus will revolve around sound design. I’ll touch on everything from gear and equipment needed to how to land projects within the field.

I do have few posts on the subject already how to get your music placed in video games and various posts revolving around budget equipment, but I want to make this a detailed guide much like the Vlogging For Musicians series.

What’s on your plate this month?

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