Music Business Goals: Music Placement How To’s, Branding & Relationship Building


Well, it’s the 1st of the month and that means it’s time to share music business goals. Here’s what I have lined up and what I hope to accomplish for the month of June.
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My Diy Music Biz Podcast

Exciting news. I now have an interested partner who is willing to split the work by assisting with the following.

  • Hosting
  • Editing
  • Organization
  • Promotion
  • Mentoring
  • etc

I can’t let you know who this partner is right now, but everyone knows who they are as they’re a pretty big aggregator in the music and tech world. This couldn’t have come at a better time.
We’re still working out minor details as far as presentation, the audience in engagement, and a wealth of other things. This is going to be great.

So for those of you who have been waiting, the wait is almost over. For those of you who still have music business questions, shoot them to me here Music Business Questions this way I can get them cued up
thank you all for your patience and participation thus far.

Branding And Social Media

How’s this going? So far so good. I have a new cover photo for my Google Plus account, not 100% satisfied with it, but it’s leaps and bounds above what I had before.

In fact, I noticed a 200+% increase in followers just by changing the graphic alone. I’ll have a breakdown of this soon showing you; what was done, the old vs new look as well as my results.

I have a brand-new logo created for the website which will also be used as my video transitions, business cards, and other social media platforms.

I’m currently outlining ideas with my graphic designer. Hopefully, we can get this completed within the month of June and move on to other things.

Another huge part of the branding is my website. I am still looking for a website designer I can sit down with and coordinate. I also have to sit down and think of how I want the site to function, that’s one thing I did not take into consideration.

So I’m looking at all the templates that I like and picking the best from each.

Building Business Relationships

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t make some type of connection or build a relationship with someone in my industry. I don’t care how big or small they are.
This month I’m going to focus primarily on music engineers.
Why? I’ll share that once the momentum starts rolling. If you’re an out-of-the-box thinker, I’m pretty sure you know where my head’s at.
Oh, and it has nothing to do with mixing music or entering the business of online mixing. Although, that is a good idea, but not one I’m willing to entertain.

Studying Music Producers

Last month I mentioned that a music supervisor was giving me a list of names and tracks I should be studying for upcoming placements. Well, since then my dropbox has been flooded with music.

What’s good is I know what people are looking for, but the problem is information overload. I like having resources, but sometimes it’s hard to decide what to focus on.

I’ll have to listen to the compositions and organize them according to their similarities. I’m not sure if that’s the best approach, but at the moment, it’s the only thing that makes sense.

Music Projects (Licensing and Such)

This month is going to be full of updates and “how to’s” as far as placements from Jan 2014 – May of 2014. There’ve been a number of projects that have come from contacts made through the 90 day music licensing challenge as well as projects that have been a product of seed planting and “wtf” moments.
There is a subscriber who asked I could share marketing techniques and random encounters that have a resulted in good business connections/placements so, I’ll also be sharing that this month.
This info will be shared in July, due to life-changing events. Sorry for the delay guys.

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