Music Business: Goals For December 2013


Every month I lay out my business goals for the month. This is not for bragging rights, it’s just a way to keep me moving forward and hold me accountable. Here are the goals I have mapped out for December 2013.

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1000 Tracks (Final Month)

This is the last month to get the rest of these tracks complete. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with the same formula this month. I might relax and do the bare minimum – just hit 1000 and leave it at that.

Am I slacking? Eh, yea maybe, but I hey, I think I’m entitled to it 🙂

Logic Pro X

I’m getting there, still lots to learn. I feel I’m becoming pretty fluent with the application. In fact, I’ll be making my last few tracks this month using nothing but Logic X.

I’m finally at a point where I can open logic and lay something down in 30 minutes. Might not be much to logic heads, but definitely a huge accomplishment for me because that’s the workflow I have with Reason. Open the program and Go!

Google+ Hangouts & Podcast

I’ve been having mixed feelings. I’m not sure if I should do a Podcast, Hangouts, or both. I did some testing with a friend of mine, and I like what Google+ has to offer I just need to learn or test a few more things before I take the plunge.

As of right now I just use it for small group sessions I hold for my subscribers, but the goal is to host public meetings and hangouts in the near future.

As far as the podcast goes. I’m looking for a good host and proper organization. I’m still recording sessions and hope to launch in February 2014.

Sound Design Projects

Closed 2 deals on the 26th, and was contracted for another the exact same day. This new project will be completely in my comfort zone – subtractive synthesis. I can’t speak much about the project or the company, but I’ll basically be creating patches for a few synth applications.

What’s cool about these projects is, not only do you get paid, but you also get to keep the applications. Well, most of the time you do. Some companies will confine you to a demo version, but most will give you all access.

Music Licensing 90 Day Challenge

Music placement updates – Oh my, do I have a lot to share. I’ve gotten a few emails asking about this challenge and placements I’ve landed. The updates are coming; I’ve just been a little busy with projects and whatnot.

We’ll get back in the swing of things in the 1st week of December. Ps – Follow the 90 Day Music Licensing Challenge <-here

MasterMind Meeting

This was not a good month for my mastermind. I had a few issues with a relative and then Thanksgiving. So, we’re going to strive for a couple of meetings in December.

I like masterminds because it’s a good way to stay productive and it’s always nice to bounce ideas off someone and to have someone to rant with. Sure, you can rant to anyone, but it’s different when it’s with someone who’s in the same field.

What’s On Your Plate?

What do you have going on this month aside from Xmas and family?. Those along are a handful. Are you any closer to reaching your goals this month than you were last month?

Have you been able to meet your 2013 New Years Resolutions?

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