Music Business Goals: Music Licensing And Business How To’s


Wow, it’s July already, time is flying! Independence day is in 3 more days do you have anything planned? Well, aside from blowing things up? I thought about getting the fireworks, but no interest, the next-door neighbors have plenty, and… I’ll be recording them 🙂

Anyway, here’s what I have lined up for July 2014.

The Diy Music Biz Podcast

Finalizing the nitty-gritty with my new partners. Making sure, my hair looks good and there’s nothing in-between my teeth in all videos… I kid, not but really, that type of stuff.

Making sure all videos come across as intended with the right feeling/mood. Sometimes I get a little chatty and I “um” bomb everything. So we’re going through finding a standard before delivering, it’s going to be awesome.

I want to again, thank everyone for sending in their questions, there are over 45 questions sitting in cue, this will keep me busy for a while.

Music Business How To’s (Licensing and Such)

Alright, I wanted to get this done last month but had a few life-changing events take up my time. Also had a few unexpected music biz issues, more on that in a later post, something everyone will learn from.

The how-tos will be posts outlining how I find projects outside of the music licensing challenge. Remember, the challenge was only meant as a case study and sort of a licensing guide.

While it has added to my income portfolio it’s far from the only means of acquiring licensing deals.
And, I don’t want people to feel as if they need to follow the same course to get results. So we’ll jump into some of that this month.

Shorter List How Come

Good question! Tighter focus. I’m always working on multiple things a month, but what I share through these monthly goals are the most important things. My readership is very important to me, and I want to make sure I have the time to deliver what I’ve been prepping for.

Remember, the whole reasoning behind the site is to help you!

Shortest list EVER

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