How To Get More Placements (Music Licensing)


In this video, I share 1 fail-proof way of getting more placements. I know some of you will look down on this method, but facts are facts.

I don’t care what industry you’re in, consumers put their money into what they know vs something new and original. Especially If this new concept/idea is being presented by an unknown source.

The film industry recycles the same stories outlines, repackages them, and sells them over and over again. Yes, new actors, different characters, slightly different plot but the same movie.

Have you seen the number of SAW knock-offs out there?

The music industry is no different. How many times have we heard the same songs over and over? Different artist, same plot, same concept, same song. It has a slightly different spin, but it’s the same song.

There’s a market for this stuff, if there weren’t people wouldn’t waste their time making it.

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