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Hi, I’m Greg. I’m a 29 year old entrepreneur from California who makes a living producing music and sound designing for various companies. I consider myself very fortunate but trust me, nothing came by luck.

My Story

I use to be in the same boat as many other aspiring producers. You know, working the 9-5 grind then coming home spending hours creating music hoping that one day I’d get some placements…that one day all this hard work would pay off. Hell, I didn’t even know what gear to get (when I started out), I just remember hearing that Dr. Dre as well as a few other composers used an Akai Mpc 3000 along with a Korg Triton so… That’s what I got! I figured if they use it then it must be good.

I knew next to nothing about contracts, legalities or what to expect $ wise. I just kept to myself and tried to perfect my craft as much as I could. I remember the 1st time someone asked me for a track… I didn’t want to sell it! I was just shocked at the fact that someone liked my work enough to use it.

I wound up ghost producing for 2 record labels, and by doing so I learned the importance of paperwork, cash advances and negotiating. I just wish I would have listened to my manager/friend at the time, but instead (being young and cocky) I put money in front of everything. I was making between $1,500 – $2,000 a week cutting tracks, there wasn’t **** you could tell me. I was making more $$ on my own than most did with a 4 year degree.

I was ghost producing for a little over a year before the light bulb went off in my head. I was getting screwed left and right (production credits, money etc.), and I felt it was time for me to position myself around people with different mind sets, experience and really sit down and learn the business side of the industry. Since then I’ve had nothing but positive results. I make a great living doing what I love ‘music production’ without labels, artists or managers.


So Why Diy Music Biz?

I wanted to create a reliable resource for musicians, producers, composers, artists (regardless of skill level) etc. I want to help others to reach the level of success that I have without all the b*******. Granted, there are a lot of online production communities out there, but let’s be honest……

95% of users on forums don’t know what they’re talking about. A lot of them are speaking out of term with little to no experience running a successful business. If you’re not making a good consistent living from your craft then in my opinion, you’re not qualified to give anyone advice on doing so.

Here are topics I’ll be covering on this site:

  • Marketing Music
  • Music Licensing
  • Sound Design
  • Gear Reviews
  • Personal Experiences
  • Income Generation
  • Case Studies
  • And Much More


Where To Start?

Start with My Music Licensing Guide – It’s free. Once you’re done, email me any questions you have. I’m more than willing to help.

Keep in mind, I’m a DIY guy. I don’t believe in road blocks, I go against the grain, I do what I need to do to make things happen.

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